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dog trainer with Labrador retriever

Yasmin Baylor

Owner & Certified Trainer

Hi! I’m Yasmin Baylor, KPA-CTP, CPDT-KA, CSAT. I am a Certified Training Partner and graduate of the internationally-esteemed Karen Pryor Academy, a Certified Professional Dog Trainer through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT), and a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer from Malena DeMartini‘s renowned CSAT program.

After earning my Bachelors in Computer Science and Graphic Design, and working for years in the business world, I knew it was time to switch gears and commit my time to doing what I really love.

I serve as a board member at large and a training consultant for Paws Humane Society. Years of experience have helped me to develop a style that is calm, confident, and patient. Teaching a family to better understand their dog, and watching as they build fulfilling relationships together is such a rewarding experience. Being part of that journey is the highlight of my career.

When dog training is a passion, extracurriculars come naturally. I especially enjoy taking monthly continuing education courses with the brilliant trainers at Fenzi Dog Sports Academy, and I relish the opportunity to learn something new every day from science-based training books, articles and podcasts. 

My home is full of joy and adventure, thanks to my bright little daughter Claire, my playful Stabyhoun Fenna, Pangea and Zelda, my lovably grumpy cats, and Josh, my kind and supportive husband. I’m honored to be one of the only certified trainers offering in home dog training in the Rockford, IL area!

Office Manager

Emilee is our Office Manager and longtime dog lover. One of her biggest passions is training, hiking and spending time with her Wheaten Terrier, Finnigan. Emilee loves fostering puppies from local animal rescue, PAWS Humane Society and giving them a great training foundation for their forever families.

Emilee has lived in Rockford for the last five years, and shares her home with her husband, Zach, and their pup.