Separation Anxiety IS treatable!

Separation anxiety in your dog is stressful for everyone involved. Your pup’s panic can lead to all sorts of problematic behaviors that may make it difficult for you to leave them alone. Their stress response may even start before you leave the house. Perhaps they start pacing, whining, and panting while you put your shoes on and grab your keys. You might come home to an environment where your dog has destroyed things (especially around exit points like windows and doors), urinated or defecated despite being potty-trained, or even injured themselves. They may bark, cry, or howl excessively while you’re away, and appear overly excited on your return. As frustrating and stressful as all of this is for you, it’s an incredibly difficult time for your pup. But, we can help!

How can we help?

Your dog can start to feel more comfortable with your absences with help from our Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer (CSAT), Yasmin Baylor. You’ll get hands-on support to help you work on easing the stress of leaving. We’ll work slowly, at your pup’s pace, to gradually teach them that their guardian leaving isn’t scary at all, but actually even boring for them. Every training plan is unique. As you provide feedback along the way, your trainer will update training plans and give you specific next steps while cheering you on. Eventually, your pup will learn they can relax at home while you’re away, which will give you the freedom to relax while you’re away too!

What does the program look like?

Initial Assessment

4 Week Package